When creating web bots or web scrapers, very often you come across obstacles of any kind and moreover, with time, they become more and more creative, difficult and complex.

The well-known Google — reCAPTCHA v3 are a very familiar problem, which is a big barrier for many.
There are of course…

By now, everyone who wants to get started in Data Science knows the requirements and what you have to learn.

The most difficult part is knowing which resources to use. Because some have a technical background and some do not. Some have a degree and some don’t.

In this article…

Heroku — Logo and a spider with Selenium — Library Logo

Anyone who starts with web scraping gets to the point where they don’t want to run it on their computer anymore, but on a cloud and if possible for free.

Deploying web scrapers on Heroku is not that difficult. …

Romik Kelesh

Machine Learning | Full Stack | Computer Scientist | Economist

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